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What Is Thought Therapy?

Thought Therapy Coaching is a strategic emotional coaching style designed to help you dive deep into your own wounds, define the thought patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck IN your wounds, and help you to open to your own unique process of transformation and inner healing so that you can create a life that feels positively inspired, playful and enjoyable.

I work very intuitively and pragmatically with you to help you connect your thoughts with your body, using EFT (What is EFT?).

Together, we will unravel your past and present emotional experiences. We discover the negative thought patterns and beliefs that are impacting your life. We will create positive affirmations that are personal to you, so that you design a life that feels good! (What are positive affirmations?). 

With repetition and consistent practice, you will begin to think and feel differently, increasing your brain’s neuroplasticity (What is neuroplasticity?).

I believe that self-love and self-care create the foundation for true happiness. It is my deepest pleasure to guide you into the most beautiful love affair with every aspect of yourself.

My mentor, Louise Hay, said: “It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed.”

If you can change a thought, you can change a belief. When you change a belief, your whole perception changes and extraordinary miracles have an opportunity to show up in your thinking and in your life!

EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Technique, is a powerful self-help tool that combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. EFT is commonly referred to as psychological acupuncture, but rather than use needles, you will learn to use your fingertips to stimulate specific points on your body. As you gently tap on these points while focusing on a problem that you are currently having, cognitive restructuring can occur, regulating your central nervous system to restore balance to the body and emotions. As you begin to rewire your brain, a sense of safety and resolution will occur, so that you begin to respond to life in healthier ways.

EFT can provide relief from PTSD and traumatic memories, anxiety, stress, fears and phobias, physical pain and sleep problems. It can also support peak performance and weight control.

Once you learn the basic process of how EFT works, it is very simple. It can be used anywhere, by anyone.


What are Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is a statement, phrase or story that you can repeat often to ignite a positive feeling within you, that in turn, will bring about desired changes in your life. The words that you use for your affirmations need to be thoughtfully selected so that they give you imaginative power and positive feelings. The affirmations should bring you feelings of possibility that what you are stating can become a reality for you.

Affirmations are powerful and easy to use. They can be thought quietly to yourself, written down or spoken out loud. It is even more impactful if you practice all three of these methods!

Here is a simple process for getting started:

  1. Think of something that you would like to experience in your life. It can be a desired outcome, a solution to a problem, a better relationship, a way of being, a material object, etc.
  2. Think of WHY you want this experience. HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL?
  3. Allow yourself to take a minute and visualize yourself feeling as though it has already happened.

Choose positive words that easily state this experience to be already true. For example: Let’s say that you are wanting to experience learning a new skill. Imagine what it would be like to be living with this skill and what this knowledge could do for you. Allow yourself to use the power of your imagination to feel the positive feelings associated with having learned the skill. See yourself using it! Now state in present tense that it is already true! “I now know how to (you fill in the blank) and it feels so good because (again, you fill in the blank). Congratulations! That is a positive affirmation!

Affirmations can be used for anything! They are a fun and creative way to influence what you believe is possible and to create feelings of hope and positive expectation in your life.

What is Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt and change. From the time we are in utero until the day we die, our brains are constantly being shaped and reshaped by life experiences and by what our changing needs are.

You’ve heard the saying: “He is just set in his ways.” This saying is referring to a person’s neural pathways that have been developed and nurtured over time by experience, thoughts and emotion. When a person is young, thoughts and behaviors are easily changed. Beliefs are just being formed about themselves and the world. A younger person’s brain is more flexible. Learning a new language, playing a musical instrument and learning sports are easier for a child than an adult.

As people age, change does not come as easily because the brain loses some of its plasticity. A person becomes more “fixed” in the way they think, learn and perceive themselves and the world. This does not mean that adults cannot change. With a little determination and practice, anything can be learned, and new neural pathways formed.

Donald Hebb, a noted Neuropsychologist, first used the famous phrase: “neurons that fire together, wire together.” He was describing how pathways in the brain are formed and reinforced through repetition.

Every time we repeat a thought or emotion, we reinforce a neural pathway. When we think new thoughts, we begin to create a new way of being. These small changes, when frequently repeated, lead to changes in the way our brains work. Repeating new thoughts that make you feel a certain way eventually become an automatic default with enough practice, whether they make you feel good or bad. The great thing is- you can choose!


I am not going to tell you HOW to live your life. I am not going to use my life as an example of HOW to get it “right”, because I myself am still learning, growing and evolving.

I AM, however, going to teach you the power of your own thoughts.

I AM going to help you identify what thoughts are creating the emotional habits that are currently permeating your life experience.

I AM going to teach you how to begin to heal emotional traumas (past and present) that are continuing to keep you stuck in helplessness and hopelessness.

I AM going to teach you the beauty that you can create with intentional affirmations.

I AM going to teach you EFT (emotional freedom technique). This tool can heal your life…

YOU can heal your life.

Our sessions together are customized to your specific needs. Some of the topics we might touch on are:

1. How to use EFT (emotional freedom technique, also referred to as “tapping”)
2. How to effectively use visualization to help focus your mind on what you want to experience
3. How to begin changing negative beliefs into new, better feeling ones
4. How to create and use affirmations. Change your thoughts, change your life!
5. How to move past mistakes and begin to forgive yourself
6. How to turn your emotional pain into heart felt purpose
7. How to create a positive, loving relationship with yourself (self-love exercises)
8. How to shift from feelings of hopelessness into positive expectation
9. How to handle acute triggered emotion and calm your natural fight or flight response
10. How to create a positive mindset amid very difficult and painful circumstances
11. How to create a daily personal practice that feels playful and inspired
12. How to fully support yourself by listening to your intuitive inner guidance
13. How to support your physical body through nutrition and exercise

Recipe for Success


Research suggests that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. In coaching, I always suggest that clients commit to a 4 week program to create a new foundation for living their best life.

Just like exercise, it takes consistent training, conditioning and healthy eating to see results. Think of your mind as a muscle. you must feed it healthy thoughts, detox it from outdated belief systems, exercise it daily and commit to a practice of self care if you want to experience a new and improved version of yourself and your life.

I am committed to supporting my clients in making true, long lasting breakthroughs in their lives.

My perfect client is someone who is willing to take full responsibility for their own life and who is committed to THEMSELVES in creating a new practice of self care.

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Working with Amanda has been a life changing experience… she is genuine and loving every step of the way- her end result is you having the life you truly deserve. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to live their best life.
Danielle D

Amanda helped me with both life coaching and EFT. I have been going through a turmultuous time in my life, and Amanda was able to tap into what was beneath the surface in order to help me heal . Further, her warmth and genuine caring are attributes that you don’t frequently see. I am very grateful to Amanda ; she knows her material extremely well and I would highly recommend her ! Five stars.
Andie J

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SDVoyager – Meet Trailblazer Amanda Marie Johnson

Louise Hay, author, teacher and founder of Hay House Publishing was a mentor of mine. Her philosophy, based around the theory that your thoughts and words create your life experience, resonated with me. I enrolled in her programs to become a workshop facilitator and coach, but never with the intention of becoming a “coach” to others. I am not particularly fond of the title “life coach”, because it implies to me that I will be setting the example of how to live one’s life, and that has never been my goal. I believe that we are all so uniquely different, and each of our minds is as different as snowflakes when it comes to our life experiences and the thinking patterns that we have because of those experiences.