Thought Therapy is a law of attraction based coaching style that beautifully blends my Heal Your Life training with EFT to effectively guide you through limiting beliefs and catapult you into a life that you consciously create.

Change your thoughts


I have always known there was a different way of living. We ALL have a story. A story that is tangled, messy and full of shit storms. Our stories create beliefs, behavior patterns and concrete evidence of why we are not good enough. We get stuck in suffering and end up feeling like a victim of our own life. I know. I’ve been there…

What Is Thought Therapy?

I am by “certification”, training and trade, a life coach, BUT, I am not a fan that word or label.

I am not going to tell you HOW to live your life. I am not going to use my life as an example of HOW to get it “right”, because I myself am still learning, growing and evolving.

I AM, however, going to teach you the power of your own thoughts.

I AM going to help you identify what thoughts are creating the emotional habits that are currently permeating your life experience.

I AM going to teach you how to begin to heal emotional traumas (past and present) that are continuing to keep you stuck in helplessness and hopelessness.

I AM going to teach you the beauty that you can create with intentional affirmations.

I AM going to teach you EFT (emotional freedom technique). This tool can heal your life…

YOU can heal your life.

Recipe for Success


Research suggests that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. In coaching, I always suggest that clients commit to a 4 week program to create a new foundation for living their best life.

Just like exercise, it takes consistent training, conditioning and healthy eating to see results. Think of your mind as a muscle. you must feed it healthy thoughts, detox it from outdated belief systems, exercise it daily and commit to a practice of self care if you want to experience a new and improved version of yourself and your life.

I am committed to supporting my clients in making true, long lasting breakthroughs in their lives.

My perfect client is someone who is willing to take full responsibility for their own life and who is committed to THEMSELVES in creating a new practice of self care.

Online Coaching Available

My online coaching system allows me to connect and help empower women all over the country. Please request a free consultation and ask for details about my online coaching options.

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Working with Amanda has been a life changing experience… she is genuine and loving every step of the way- her end result is you having the life you truly deserve. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to live their best life.

Danielle D

Amanda helped me with both life coaching and EFT. I have been going through a turmultuous time in my life, and Amanda was able to tap into what was beneath the surface in order to help me heal . Further, her warmth and genuine caring are attributes that you don’t frequently see. I am very grateful to Amanda ; she knows her material extremely well and I would highly recommend her ! Five stars.

Andie J