Amanda Johnson


Hi, my name is Amanda Johnson and I am a licensed and insured Heal Your Life Coach as well as a licensed EFT practitioner.

About Me

Hi! I’m Amanda.

Heal Your Life teacher, workshop facilitator, certified life coach, EFT expert and affirmation QUEEN!

I am a mama, lava cake aficionado and dog lover. I am a skincare, beauty and fitness enthusiast. I am deeply passionate about health, wellness and holistic healing.

As a child, make-believe was a beautifully focused game for me. I discovered that I can use my imagination and thoughts to influence the way that I feel and create a life experience that feels playful and inspired. This was true even when I found myself in the most difficult of circumstances. As an adult, I’ve learned to tap back into this hidden potential and bring it into every area of my life, creating a life experience that is an epic adventure of self-discovery, healing and positive expectation.

For years, I owned a successful spa business in beautiful San Diego, California. While I loved the one-on-one time with every client, my inner guidance was pushing me to grow. I studied personal development, spirituality and energy psychology. My practice branched out into leading workshops, public speaking, teaching and eventually led me to online coaching.

I know what it feels like to face a challenge that feels insurmountable. I have walked hand-hand with grief, loss, heartbreak, helplessness, hopelessness and fear that has literally held me hostage. I am grateful to have had the tools that have enabled me to trust my inner guidance, shift out of excruciating emotional pain and into purpose, positive expectation and gratitude – sometimes while the circumstances themselves, remained.

I am a nurturer by nature. I have always had a higher calling to reach people in their pain and show them a way out with the tools that I have used to empower myself.



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