Self development, positive psychology and spiritual growth are what I live and breathe. I get paid to help people learn to believe in themselves, heal past emotional traumas, try on different beliefs as if it were this week’s new coat, and strive to evolve into their “best selves”.
What is our best self anyways? Is it someone who lives in bliss, oozes confidence and never stumbles on their ever happy trail of perfection, health and easily walked emotional tightrope? Not even close!!!!
I believe that living your best life means falling down more often than not and picking yourself back UP. I believe the best version of you means loving the HECK out of yourself when you get it all wrong. And you WILL get it all wrong!
When you say the wrong thing and find your foot in your mouth. Besides eating your foot, your heart is now pounding, you’re sweating AND trying to silently dodge the mental baseball bat that you keep on swinging at yourself.
It’s when you eat a pint of ice cream because PMS has taken you hostage and you’ve lose all self control. Besides the fact that you are now licking the lid to the ice cream container, you’re also crying because at least once a month your life is completely falling apart. Ladies???
It means loving yourself when you snap at your children for saying they are hungry. Your mind is a million miles away and their little sweet voice that you love so much abruptly pulls you out of your daydream and you find yourself breathing fire at them.
It’s when you look in the mirror and the person staring back at you is an enemy. She cuts you down with cruel words and hates the way you look…
It’s when you forgot to buy your wife flowers on your anniversary because you are so completely disorganized. Not to mention you also forgot your lunch, are running late to a meeting and spilled coffee on your white shirt. You’ve missed the mark. Again.
The thing is – we will always miss the mark on some things. We will be overtaken by anger, jealousy, fear, self-doubt, even downright self-hatred at times. We will feel justified in throwing a two year old temper tantrum in our big adult bodies! We will lose jobs, lose husbands, our kids will go haywire and we will fall down. We will get our hearts scraped and we will get our egos bruised.
It’s about learning and RE-LEARNING how to get THROUGH these things!
Louise Hay taught me that loving ourselves is part of the solution to every problem. And guess what? There will always be problems. There will also always be an opportunity to change the way you react, behave and feel about yourself as you go through them. You won’t always get it right and sometimes it will get really messy. You can swing the baseball bat or you can wrap yourself in love. What feels better?
The best version of you is whoever you CHOOSE that to be. What kind of person do you want to be? It’s about accepting who you right now with all of your imperfections. It’s making a decision to commit to different behaviors- even if you fail ten times before it becomes a habit! It’s giving yourself a break. It’s falling in love with the person in the mirror for who he or she is, food on your face, stains on your shirt, and skeletons in your closet. It’s making a conscious effort to be kind. It’s believing in the fact that YOU can do whatever you put your mind to. You are responsible for you, for your happiness and for your growth.
The best version of you is always changing, growing, evolving and all in divine right order. And by the way… you’re never going to get there anyways, so take some deep breaths and relax. Life is a journey and that’s where the little treasures are. You will be learning, changing, growing, developing new skills and beautifying your character until the day you die! You are more than capable and more than good enough!
Cheers to the journey and to YOUR perfect version of the best you!