Coaching Programs

All Programs Are 4 Weeks In Length

Stepping into a better feeling YOU

This program is for you if you desire a true, energetic transformation. In this four-week program, you will learn how to navigate your own inner world of thoughts and feelings to create a life with purpose and intention. I expect that in our four weeks together, you will begin to make significant strides towards becoming a happier you.

This package includes four 60-minute one-on-one live coaching sessions over skype (or similar video app). After each session, you will receive very specific affirmations and playful growth work to guide you through the week and into our next session.

My focus with you will be:

  1. To identify negative thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns.
  2. To teach you how to use EFT, so that you begin shifting your emotional patterns.
  3. To create personal affirmations that will change your thoughts around specific areas in your life and about yourself.
  4. To teach you how to effectively use visualization to overcome fear, develop new skills at a quicker pace, override negative beliefs and bring about more peace, joy and fun.
  5. To create a daily practice that will invoke your inner magic and help you to change the foundation from which you are currently thinking, feeling and behaving.

If you are committed to doing this work, you will begin to attract different experiences into your life. New ideas will surface. New doors will open.

SOS – Emergency Intensive

This program is for you if you need immediate help with a potentially life-altering circumstance such as loss, grief, intense heartbreak or a life change that has left you feeling powerless. Emotionally traumatic pain impacts each person differently and I will meet you right where you are in your journey and help to facilitate your healing process.

This program includes eight thirty-minute live sessions over skype (or similar video app). They will be scheduled for twice per week unless you need more frequent sessions. You will receive full email or text support during the four weeks. (all eight sessions must be completed within four weeks)

My focus with you will be:

  1. To teach you how to use EFT when you alone, so that you can help yourself through your darkest feeling moments.
  2. To “tap” into the limbic system in your brain so that we can begin to shut down the emotional associations that are threatening your peace.
  3. To calm your level of emotional distress that is associated with specific memories and circumstances.
  4. To be your guide and teacher.
  5. To help you discover purpose in your pain and find your inner light.




Group Thought Therapy Packages:

Unfortunately, group packages are fully booked until July 2020. If interested in future group packages.


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