Stepping out of the comfort zone is necessary for true growth. No one really loves it, because it’s just not comfortable. Stretching yourself to do something you’ve never done, to say things that touch every vulnerable bone in your body and to stand up for your own personal truth can seem like you are literally asking to be judged. It’s terrifying!

Yet, there is something inside of you. I call it a feeling… a calling… a purpose. It stands up against the part of you that wants to stay hidden. It bullies your reservations and makes you dip at least a foot into the unknown. It tugs on your heart because it knows your potential. It whispers to your soul “just DO it”

Your logic might ask “ who am I to do this?” But your inner wisdom says “ who are you NOT to do this?” We are perfectly placed right in the middle of our own personal life lessons to GROW, to LOVE, to LEARN and to SHARE… I believe that the desires of our heart are so on purpose and always right on time.

Each of us has a story with many chapters, lessons and leaps of personal growth. Have you ever thought that maybe the hardest thing you have ever been through has shaped you into the you that you never would have been otherwise? Maybe you are in the trenches now. You’re hurting. You’re scared. You feel like you have failed somehow. When you open your heart and trust the process you also open up to a greater understanding and quite possibly a new YOU.

There are things that I am going through IN THIS MOMENT that have broken me down, shaken me up and have put me back together, molding me into a completely new version of myself. I have found an inner strength that I never knew I had. I’ve surrendered to things that I have lost all control over…

And I have allowed myself to be guided into purpose. I’m being forced to step out of my comfort zone… to share stories that I would rather DIE than share. Most of them are still inside of me… And I know I must take the leap. When we listen to that whisper- we reach people. We are able to blindly reach our hand out, not even knowing that someone else’s hand is also reaching out, but for help. It through our courage to grow, share and allow ourselves to be stretched that God meets us in the middle and pushes into something bigger than we could have ever imagined.

What are you going through right NOW that you can find purpose in and help another up? What is the whisper inside of you that is telling you to GO… to MOVE… to step out in faith for? What is that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but maybe you feel scared or not good enough? I’m here to tell you that IF the desire is in your heart- it’s time to stretch. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and into the miracle zone.