Before becoming a life coach, I worked as a massage therapist and an esthetician. I went to a very spiritually minded massage school that put a lot of emphasis on the mind / body connection, spiritual growth and personal development as a whole.

It’s no surprise to me that the kind of coaching I do is relatively the same- I address the WHOLE person. EFT or emotional freedom technique is my favorite tool that I use and teach. You can use it on any issue – physical, emotional or spiritual- but it will generally connect to ALL aspects of any problem, always reminding us that we are more than just a “problem” and that everything is connected.

For example, I have had clients come in with physical problems that when addressed with EFT- there is almost ALWAYS some kind of emotional suffering simultaneously happening.

I will use Molly as an example. She came in with hip and knee pain in her left leg. As we started tapping on the pain in her knee, random thoughts about her breakup with her ex-boyfriend began to surface. She became very emotional as she described the heartbreak that she experienced and the particular way that he broke up with her. That topic became the primary focus of our session as she processed that event. When I checked in with her a week later, she was surprised to find that her knee and hip were pain free. She also reported feeling forgiveness and compassion towards her ex, she was able to see the bigger picture and where her own growth needed to happen.

I always ask people what else was going on WHEN the pain started. People frequently repress feelings associated with traumatic events because they don’t know how to effectively deal with them. Repressed feelings often show up as physical pain…

While EFT is not a substitute for medical treatment, I have been blessed to witness the infinite intelligence and the healing power that the human body is capable of.

Pain is the body’s way of getting our attention. When understood holistically, it is telling us that something is wrong. It prompts us to give ourselves the attention and care that we need to bring ourselves back into balance as a whole – which is important in any healing process.

I have witnessed acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, muscle pain/ body aches digestive issues, asthma, fibromyalgia, migraines, and more dis – eases have a psychological origin. The healing rate is higher when addressing both the emotional and physical aspects.

The way of medicine is also changing. It used to be that if someone was overweight, they were prescribed diet pills. If someone was feeling depressed, they were prescribed an anti -depressant. If someone was in pain- they were prescribed pain pills. Medicine was used to try and create well-being. Now we are moving into the ways of preventative care and people are wanting to be seen as and treated as a WHOLE, and in ways that are actually healthy for the body and mind. We as a culture are beginning to create natural well -being for ourselves because we are taking care of ourselves.

I often think of people as being like fingerprints. No two of us are ever the same. ( genetically, physically, emotionally and so on) This is why listening to your body, your thoughts and your intuitive inner guidance is so important. No one can know you like YOU! No one will take care of you like YOU can. Everything is connected. All parts of us make up the WHOLE self. Self awareness is the first step in getting in touch with ourselves. Engaging our inner healer can create miracles and quantum leaps in the way of healing!