It has the power of a tornado, ripping through your thoughts and disheveling your mindset that you have worked so hard to achieve. You label yourself weak.

It has a paralyzing venom that begins to infect your thoughts. You begin second guessing yourself, all of your decisions and sometimes, your faith. You might find yourself spinning out in your own mind.

It has the ability to power down your intuition. Your two way prayer line to God gets pinched like a hose and no guidance can reach you. You might feel confused.

You find yourself imagining the worst. Images in your mind like that of a scary movie- everything that you would NEVER want to happen- is already happening in your head.

You might feel a ball of tightness in your belly… with teeth… That is holding on for deal life…

THIS is called FEAR.

The thing is about fear though, is that it looks HUGE. It’s like a bully. It will wave its arms, gnash it’s teeth, threaten to hold you down and steal your peace.

I would like to remind you though, my friend, that YOU stronger than fear. Sometimes you just forget. We all do! It’s like when you were little and the shadow of the monster on the wall became a tiny figurine toy when the lights came on.

So what do you do when you’re in it? Facing it? Feeling it?

Here’s some ways I like to handle it in my own life:

  1. When I find myself overwhelmingly unbalanced- it is usually because I am afraid of something. This could be letting go of something, making a big move or even just thoughts that I have allowed to take over – that don’t feel good.
  2. I stop for a few minutes and connect to my breath and become present. Intentionally allowing air fill my belly and my lungs completely before exhaling.
  3. I gently remind myself – “it’s only fear” and that immediately calms me down. It’s my very own mama voice…
  4. I say my affirmations! “Even though I’m afraid of this – I am willing for it to be easy. I am willing to feel calm. I am willing to experience the most beautiful outcome possible. I am willing to trust…”
  5. If there is something that I KNOW that I need to do in order to turn me in the right direction- I make a decision and I DO IT. Even if it feels too big. Just doing what I have been procrastinating on begins an energetic momentum in a new, fresh direction.
  6. I pray. I ask for new perspective.
  7. I am easy on myself. This is a big one because what do we normally do when we already feel out of control? We beat ourselves down even more!

I check in with myself and take steps to soothe my worries and remember to love myself through the process.

Because in the whole big scheme of things – it is ONLY fear, and fear can be soothed.